Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life right now......

Well it is about Christmas and I do love this time of the year, but get sad too. Happy because it is Christmas. Sad because there are so many that do not know the real reason for this season! Also there are so many children out there that cannot really enjoy the holiday. That makes me sad. Sad that my kids have so much and yet ALWAYS want more, Always bug for better or bigger. We do the best we can and they WANT for nothing, but the things they want...LOL Makes no sense I guess I mean they have what they NEED but not what they WANT. They are so selfish like so many others out there. We try to teach them to be content.

Anyhow lots of things are happening here. We have had the house on the market since mid October now. Just wanting to try it again for the 3rd time. Not really thinking we were going to see much Action here. But we have had 2 showings and then 1 repeat showing. Hopefully we will have it sold soon. We were hoping to get closer to Jeremiah's work so he would not have such a travel, and get out of the trailer park where we are. NOW I am not knocking trailer parks, we have called it our home for 5 yrs now and have enjoyed it. We do have mostly good, quiet neighbors and a very nice lot. We have everything we are looking for right here. A nice home, garage, yard and all. Just thinking bigger and better really. So like I said we listed the house not thinking much would come of it, BUT maybe it will sell, maybe we will move. I know that the LORD knows and that he already has it planned for us!!! HE KNOWS. My heart knows that and I wish my mind would think it too. I want to fully trust and rely on HIM and the truth that I know. But it is truly difficult.
Now we are looking to stay closer to Saratoga and Miah will continue the drive to work, this is where our lives are and my mom, and the church where we have been attending for a few weeks now, that I have been leading AWANA games for 2 years. We feel called to stay here and continue to attend this church and help out wherever needed there. So we are hoping to find something in or around Saratoga. We are currently looking in Saratoga, Wilton, Gansevoort and Schuylerville. We will go to the right house for the right price at the right time.
ANYHOW, so when we heard of a repeat showing we decided we should go see some other homes to possibly buy. OH my get out there and see what there is for us. SO we got a pre approval letter from a lender and were referred to a very nice realtor. We met with her yesterday and went to see 4 homes today. NOW back up, Friday I was very discouraged because when we received the pre approval, it was for less than I had originally thought. AND less then then price range of homes I had been searching on the internet. We sis get a really nice interest rate but the purchase price scared me a bit. ANYHOW so I went into the meeting yesterday very scared and nervous. IT went well, the realtor was nice and she had some encouraging words for us. We went to see 4 homes.....
#1 was NICE potential. Very cute, nice bathrooms and kitchen, nice floors. Needs carpet and a wall put up to make enough bedrooms. BUT DO-ABLE and Live-able. I loved it, Nice outdoor areas, not large but nice. AND good school and area! Nervous about the furnace, not sure of the age. Def. something to look into.
#2 Too expensive, too much work. If it was cheaper and we could re do and then move in it would be OK.
#3 Cemetary across the street, NO WAY, Miah said!


SO all in all Successful day of house hunting. We are going to continue to look, and our realtor will be keeping an eye on price reductions and new homes to the market.
NOW with all that said we do have to sell our home before we can purchase anything. SO we are going to faithfully pray that God reveals HIS will to us and that the home sells if that is part of his will for us. We know that it will work out!
Thanks for reading and keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just life

Do you ever have a time in your life when you feel as if you are losing you? When it feels like life is consuming you, literally? I feel like that right now. Like a failure at everything I do, Like I blend into the backdrop, like I am not accomplishing anything in this life. Like I am at a stand still, with no crossroads ahead. It feels like I can do nothing right, like all I do and touch fails or just does not matter. I feel like that things I do on a daily basis do not matter, like I am unappreciated. BUT I guess that is what being a mom is all about, doing the "things" and living life. Anyhow that is what is on my mind lately.
We did put the house on the market again and are going to try to move a bit closer to Miah's job. I will not live in Schenectady but closer would be nice. And closer to church so we can be more involved with the weekly things that we all so desperately need. We have to sell the house we currently own to move and have tried 3xs before so we shall see what this time brings! I am not very optimistic about it though. I know that is and when it is the Lord's will we will sell and move, HE is ultimately in control.
I am trying to start the Christmas shopping and then on to save $ for the cruise in Jan.
That is pretty much it for know, Tah-Tah

Friday, July 30, 2010

Life as I know it

Well I know it has been a bit since I blogged last. Not all that much has happened......Miah has returned back to work and is healing well. The Doc was happy with the way that things went and how things are healing. He still has to be careful with not lifting and bending, but all in all he is doing well, besides a bit of leg pain, that will subside with time.
Chris had his tube removed and all is well there, we will see what happens the next time he picks up a cold. Lord willing he will not get an infection and be good to go!
K and A are still in camp during the day @ Gavin park here in Wilton. I am thankful that they are able to attend and be busy during the day!
I am working and enjoying the last bits of summer before school starts. We have completed our school supply shopping, now we need to do the clothes shopping, which I believe will be easy and short. Sneakers are on the list along with socks and pants for all the kids.
I am tired lately and have not been sleeping well, I have been crashing @ about 2:30 each day. I added another cup of Joe to the menu for an afternoon pick me up. I need to start working out again to get more energy. Just need to find the time and energy to do it! LOL Need energy to get energy.
I have been selling a bunch of things on Craigslist and even listed 2 things on Ebay and sold one. The other is being auctioned now. Pretty nice to be getting rid of things and moving on!
All in all that is really all that has been happening! I will blog more later, have to get going on my busy day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well last Monday was a holiday and Miah had an MRI scheduled for that evening, Tuesday began as any other, girls to camp, work for Miah and I, house work and so on and so forth. Wednesday Miah went to the spine Dr to get the results of the MRI, DR said surgery was needed right away to repair a blown disc in his back. GREAT! Surgery for our bread winner, I was in shock, awe. ETC. I cannot put into words that thoughts that went through my head. MIAH and SURGERY.... How was I going to manage, how was I going to take care of him AND all the rest I do daily, BACK surgery, Spins SURGERY!!! How was I going to help him walk, HELLO he is almost 300 pounds and I top @ 125!!!! How was I going to do it. PLUS like I said BREAD WINNER! How were we going to manage with no work for him for 2 weeks?? How ? I had told him when he first hurt his back that he should go get AFLAC or something similair, just in case we ever needed it. When you think of back surgery does it make you nervous? Then Miah told me that he could come home the night of surgery...LOL I thought, right. How was I going to "care" for him in the physical way. HA HA funny. Then I realized that he was serious. LOL ok sure. So Dr scheduled surgery for FRIDAY, yeah 2 days we had to prepare. In one way it was good that it was only 2 days. Only 2 days to worry and think on it all. BUT only 2 days to prepare to have him out of work for 2 weeks and home recooperating! So I moved into action, FIRST I called my aunt and cried. Got that out of the way. Asked Miah to talk to the HR department @ work to find out exactly how much time he had coming to him. Thank fully they said he had 40 hours and 3 personal days and the 26 th he is due for 2 more weeks of vacation acrueing. SO by the end of the month we will break even on the budget and still have 1 week of vacation put aside. PHEW! Then I made calls to the families that I babysit for and asked for Friday off, so I could be @ surgery. They were both wonderful to work with me and get me the day off. Grocery shop so we had an excess of food in the house, set up babysitters for my kids for Friday. Got Miah to mow the lawn on top of all the pre-surgical tests and such he had to do on Wednesday. SO as a conclusion: Wednesday morning we woke as any other Wednesday , but by 2 pm, we had spine surgery scheduled 2 days later and by 5 pm we had, phone calls made, schedules changed, babysitters found, by 7 pm we had a lawn mowed, house cleaned, and groceries shopped for! PHEW.
Needless to say there was no sleep for Miah and I on Wed. or Thursday! By Friday we were both exhausted! Surgery was scheduled for 9:30 AM. We arrived at the hospital after dropping the girls to camp and Chris to Amanda's (My NY BFF) house. I met the Dr for the first time, and talked to the anestheiologist. Miah got some meds to relax him, and he was a bit chatty. HE even asked his DR, " DO you think my wife is hot?" That put the good old Doc and I in a weird place!! By 11 am I said good bye to Miah and headed to meet my aunt in the lobby. She was wonderful to join me for the day, after finding out that I was going to be alone for the day. On a side note, I hate that my sisters live so far from me, times like these would be easier with them here with me. Anyhow, my mom met us in the lobby a short time later and we went to get some lunch, I had not eaten simply bc Miah could not eat and I felt that to be unfair for him. The Dr said the surgery should be 1-2.5 hours long. At 2:30, he came to tell us it was a bit worse than they had expected and we would see how Miah felt. That was IT, all he said to me in the waiting room! My mom left after knowing Miah was good, and my aunt stayed with me. By 3 they called me to tell me I could see him, my aunt left, and I went to see the patient! He was in and out of it bc of pain meds but in alot of pain! They already had him walk, drink and pee, which were the 3 things he had to do before leaving. By 5pm we were leaving, after making the nurse laugh, due to the fact that Miah and I have fun picking on each other and on others. Miah was trying to convince her that I beat him @ home. SO not funny, and luckily she for some reason did not believe him ;). LOL We headed to the pharmacy and to pick up dinner. My mom took the kids to the Golden Corral. We got home and settled before they arrived. Miah's dad came to visit him. The kids did great loving on Daddy when they got home. WHAT a day! I was so tired and over the whirlwind. ALL in ALL, ALL went well, Miah is safe and hopefully his back is fixed, the Lord was over the DR during surgery and prepared it all for us.
Now on to life with a new back.
I have changed bandages time and time again, and even vacuumed crumbs out of the chair and dressed my husband. Things I hoped I would not have to do for a long time! I have loved each and every moment of his time here at home, I miss him when he works, and he works way too much. I do appreciate it that he does work that much though. He takes care of his family. He is a hard worker and I could not ask for much more.
Any-who, it has been a long week and stressful too, but we are here and healthy, also we have healthy kids too! Thankful for the things we have and for the things we don't.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AHHH life

Here we go, life is such an adventure! Miah goes to the back specialist today @ 2pm, we are hoping that the DR can figure out a reason for the pain he has been having. The pain meds are not working and he is in pain. I hate to see him in pain and hope that the DR can get some test ordered to see what the issue is! Hoping it is "fixable" and that Miah does not have to miss any work and does not have to have surgery, OH PLEASE NO SURGERY!!!!! Please pray for the Lord's wisdom to be upon the DR today and in the future.
I on the other hand have also been in pain. On Friday afternoon Kailyn was being pushed on out lil John Deere Tractor in the yard. I must have gotten in the way because my left foot was run over. OUCH, 52 lbs and my foot are not a good combo! It is throbbing and I am considering getting an x ray to be sure nothing is broken!!!! LOL Funny thing is that it does not hurt all that bad to walk on it! Hmmmmmm.
The girls are loving camp and are on day #2. I am glad that they are having fun and thankful for the Wilton Rec scholarships, because without that they could not go!
Chris is enjoying having friends to play with while his sisters are gone.
On to a new note, the kids had been wanting a street hockey set and so we headed off to Dick's sporting goods and picked up 4 sticks and 2 balls, They love it! We have been out there each day practicing. We are officially "TEAM CURRY". I love that they all love it! A and C are great at it and K is working on her coordination!
AH that is all for now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First day down......

Well today I had 6 kids. Tomorrow I will have 8. I was determined to get out of the house today and so I did. We went first to the park, Gavin Park, the park I love! Then it got HOT and so we came home and quickly ( as quickly as 1 mom and 6 kids can) changed into swim suit and went to the sprinkler park, another place I love. My friend Amanda met me there with her 3 kids and we had a blast......The kids enjoyed getting wet an cooling off and Amanda and I enjoyed so MUCH INTERRUPTED conversation. LOL
Tomorrow will be the one and only day this summer that I will have 8 kids and I am glad for that. It makes for a long day for me!!!! We will be spending alot of time outside! LOL Hope the weather holds for me and that it is not too HOT!!!!!!
I do love what I do, watching other kids I mean. But it is wearing at times and I get a bit stressed, but I remind myself that I am here for my kids and they NEVER have to attend daycare, or after school care bc I am here. Also I am here when they are sick and so on and so forth. I love the kids I watch and enjoy seeing them grow. But like others I am glad when the work day is done.
I try to be loving and patient and kind, But I am human and I am not always. But I do try!
So if you think of me tomorrow pray that my day is nice and smooth!!!!
On another note, I am thankful that my mom is coming to watch my kiddos tonight so I can go to the grocery store, and Miah can meet me out after work.
On to the evening!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer vacation is here!

Well today was the last day of school for my girls. I cannot believe that I am officially a mother of a 4th grader and 2nd grader! WOW. I am scared and excited all at the same time. I am scared that I will not "produce" good girls and excited that they they are healthy and smart girls. But God gave me 2 wonderful little ladies and that must mean HE trusts me with them. I am sure I will teach then from my past, present and future mistakes. I think that God directed my life that way HE did so that I could share with my girls the things I learned, and one of those was that my mom was right. UGH I hate to admit that. LOL UGH and that my aunt and uncle were ALWAYS right when they told me that I did not need a boyfriend, that is prob the first thing I am going to teach them. Boys are only trouble and stick with the best group of girls there is!!! LOL Anyhow enough of that!
Summer is here and the girls are off to day camp beginning on Monday. They will go each day 9-3. I will miss them but they will have fun and keep busy. I will be busy here with 3-5 kids each day. Monday and Fridays will be the busiest for me but Tuesday, Wed and Thursday will be light days.....Those will be the days that I will be doing "outings" as I like to call them! We should have fun.
I love my kids and hate to see them grow but love that they are growing all at the same time.
I sat here on the porch moments ago and said a short prayer for the girls and their teachers for next year. I thanked the Lord for the teachers that HE gave them and asked Him to prepare them all fro each other next year. I can't wait to sit and write my letter to the teachers and introduce us to them. Both teachers are ones I have heard nothing about, which can be good so I have a fresh slate to begin on! The girls did great on their report cards and I am proud of the progress that they both made. ALL the teachers left great comments in their little boxes and thanked that girls for such a wonderful year! That makes me proud that my girls can behave! They might be monsters 90% of the time fro me, but they can behave and do when away from me. I suppose that is the way it should be! So proud of my ladies.
On another note, I do not know where Chris will be going to school in the fall. I have him signed up for 2 places! UPK @ they YMCA, which is a preK program through the school and we have to wait upon the NYS budget to see if there will be a class and then if he gets in, it is all done by lottery! UGH, then I have him signed up for Head start, but because we are over income, he is on a wait list and the woman informed me that he is "quite a ways down" on the list. If you know me I am a planner and I hate not knowing BUT I do know that it is is Gods hands and HE knows. Chris misses the deadline for Kindergarten by 12 days and I am happy for that bc he is surely not ready for K. I am praying that he gets into teh UPK class, it is 5 days a week 1/2 days and I do love the program! A went through it 3 years ago and she did so well. Any-WHO we shall see.
Ugh cooking dinner so I should jet! Hugs to all.