Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life right now......

Well it is about Christmas and I do love this time of the year, but get sad too. Happy because it is Christmas. Sad because there are so many that do not know the real reason for this season! Also there are so many children out there that cannot really enjoy the holiday. That makes me sad. Sad that my kids have so much and yet ALWAYS want more, Always bug for better or bigger. We do the best we can and they WANT for nothing, but the things they want...LOL Makes no sense I guess I mean they have what they NEED but not what they WANT. They are so selfish like so many others out there. We try to teach them to be content.

Anyhow lots of things are happening here. We have had the house on the market since mid October now. Just wanting to try it again for the 3rd time. Not really thinking we were going to see much Action here. But we have had 2 showings and then 1 repeat showing. Hopefully we will have it sold soon. We were hoping to get closer to Jeremiah's work so he would not have such a travel, and get out of the trailer park where we are. NOW I am not knocking trailer parks, we have called it our home for 5 yrs now and have enjoyed it. We do have mostly good, quiet neighbors and a very nice lot. We have everything we are looking for right here. A nice home, garage, yard and all. Just thinking bigger and better really. So like I said we listed the house not thinking much would come of it, BUT maybe it will sell, maybe we will move. I know that the LORD knows and that he already has it planned for us!!! HE KNOWS. My heart knows that and I wish my mind would think it too. I want to fully trust and rely on HIM and the truth that I know. But it is truly difficult.
Now we are looking to stay closer to Saratoga and Miah will continue the drive to work, this is where our lives are and my mom, and the church where we have been attending for a few weeks now, that I have been leading AWANA games for 2 years. We feel called to stay here and continue to attend this church and help out wherever needed there. So we are hoping to find something in or around Saratoga. We are currently looking in Saratoga, Wilton, Gansevoort and Schuylerville. We will go to the right house for the right price at the right time.
ANYHOW, so when we heard of a repeat showing we decided we should go see some other homes to possibly buy. OH my get out there and see what there is for us. SO we got a pre approval letter from a lender and were referred to a very nice realtor. We met with her yesterday and went to see 4 homes today. NOW back up, Friday I was very discouraged because when we received the pre approval, it was for less than I had originally thought. AND less then then price range of homes I had been searching on the internet. We sis get a really nice interest rate but the purchase price scared me a bit. ANYHOW so I went into the meeting yesterday very scared and nervous. IT went well, the realtor was nice and she had some encouraging words for us. We went to see 4 homes.....
#1 was NICE potential. Very cute, nice bathrooms and kitchen, nice floors. Needs carpet and a wall put up to make enough bedrooms. BUT DO-ABLE and Live-able. I loved it, Nice outdoor areas, not large but nice. AND good school and area! Nervous about the furnace, not sure of the age. Def. something to look into.
#2 Too expensive, too much work. If it was cheaper and we could re do and then move in it would be OK.
#3 Cemetary across the street, NO WAY, Miah said!


SO all in all Successful day of house hunting. We are going to continue to look, and our realtor will be keeping an eye on price reductions and new homes to the market.
NOW with all that said we do have to sell our home before we can purchase anything. SO we are going to faithfully pray that God reveals HIS will to us and that the home sells if that is part of his will for us. We know that it will work out!
Thanks for reading and keep us in your prayers.


  1. i am praying God leads you where you need to be!
    that you can sell your home and find one that is just right for your family!

    if you don't mind me asking, was the house across from the cemetary in Schuylerville? there are a LOT of cemetaries in that town! LOL

  2. @ Mare the house with the cemetary was not in Schuylerville @ all it was in Gansevoort. The one i love in Schuylerville is on Pearl St.